Emergency Service

Downtime costs money. We’re here to help your facility stay up and running.

Our commitment to providing 24-hour services at process facilities is unmatched. Platinum Industrial established emergency response trailers that carry all the equipment and tools necessary to respond to any repair need that may arise.

With a solid team of multi-craft workers and equipment we have the ability to get your systems back on-line and functional during weekends and off-shift hours.

24/7 Emergency Services Include:

  • Millwrights
  • Plumbers / Pipefitters
  • Carpenters and Laborers
  • Ironworkers
  • HVAC technicians

We have the capabilities to repair, fabricate and install all types of piping and fueling systems. QA/QC is a large part of our projects and Platinum Industrial has the capabilities to meet any specification and performance criteria your project requires.

Our Emergency Service is Available Now