Pulp & Paper

Since the early 2000’s, Platinum’s owners and tradesmen have worked in almost every pulp and paper facility throughout Washington and Oregon.

Many of our millwrights and pipefitters have made their careers in local mills maintaining and repairing every system needed to effectively produce the wood and paper products you use every day. Although the number of plants has diminished our commitment to our clients in the industry has not. We bring top-notch workmanship to every jobsite.

Past Projects include:

  • Containerboard, Paper and Tissue Machine – Installation/Rebuilds
  • Thermal and Mechanical Pulping Projects
  • Fiber Line Projects
  • Pulp Dryer – Installation
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Converting Projects
  • Steam Turbine – Repair/Installation
  • Woodyard Projects
  • Parent Roll Warehouse and Handling Facilities

Platinum Industrial is committed to delivering exceptional results that meet the needs of the Pulp & Paper industry.

Contact us today to discuss how we can bring our expertise and capabilities to your project and exceed your expectations.